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Proverus Partners

Our leadership team: (L-R) Scott N. Cannam CPA, CA; Michael (Mike) J. Goldade CPA, CA; David B. Aldous (Associate)

ProVerus LLP was formed with a particular focus on the needs of owner-operated businesses in Central Alberta.  By making your business our specialty, we can offer more of what you need.  With a strong blend of experience and education, we offer a unique combination of contemporary professional skills and traditional, time-honoured values.

Our partners, senior staff and consultants have extensive histories in public accounting in diverse areas of practice, and we employ some of the industry’s finest technical staff who have evidenced dedication and strong business ethics.  Quality service is as important to us as it is to you, and we know that our success mirrors yours.  With accessible professionals, our goal is to help you achieve maximum profitability and efficiency and minimize income taxes with customized services, clear communication, knowledgeable planning and timely compliance.


Our Profiles

Patrick (Pat) J. Blair CPA, CA - Senior Consultant

Pat’s introduction to the world of economics happened at an early age, as he assisted his mother while she operated her coffee shop and store in the small town where he grew up.

After a dubious beginning as taste-tester at the candy shelf, he came to observe, close up, the challenging world of business management. Real life examples provided good lessons in local economics, supply and demand, competition, cash flow and credit management. These were tight years in a small market, but through the years he came to learn that the concepts of strong business management – and consequences of decisions - were much the same.

Pat attended Red Deer College and completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta in 1974. He articled with Winspear Higgins & Co. (now Deloitte & Touche) in Edmonton from 1974 to 1976 and earned his designation as Chartered Accountant in 1976. Relocating to Red Deer that year, Pat was admitted to partnership in a local firm where he served a diverse clientele until establishing the partnership of ProVerus LLP in 2009. Pat is currently a member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta.

From his humble beginnings at his family’s coffee shop and store, the hub of his small town, Pat learned the importance of community and a responsibility to give back. He has enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and the camaraderie from his community involvement through the years in volunteer positions, which have included:

  • Member, President and Director of the Kiwanis Club of Red Deer
  • Member of Red Deer Safety City, and Co-Chairman of the Safety City Farm Grow Program Member of the Twilight Homes Foundation
  • Member of Red Deer Festival of the Performing Arts
  • Member of the Elks of Canada Red Deer #85 and Management Committee
  • Chairman of Finance Committee for the Grand Lodge of the Elks of Canada
  • Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Central Alberta Chartered Accountants Club

Pat now focuses his diverse public practice experience on financial and tax consulting for small to medium-sized owner-operated businesses, as well as business purchases, sales and restructure, and succession and estate planning.

As Pat’s career has evolved through the years, he has been honored to provide service to the next generation of his established clientele as they assume control of businesses he has watched grow, or venture into business interests of their own.   His continued development in the areas of succession and estate planning reflects his commitment to staying current and providing his clientele with the services that are most valuable to them.

Many changes have occurred in his industry during Pat’s years of practice, and some he has embraced more than others. He will freely admit that he has a love-hate relationship with his computer. At the same time, he enjoys the challenge and variety of the continual learning that adds to the value of his experience and allows him to achieve the best results for his clients. While he has adapted with the times and mastered his email account, he has held tight to the business values he first learned: integrity, honesty and commitment.

The Latin adjective that forms the ProVerus name represents those qualities… professionalism that is true, genuine, proper, suitable and just.


David B. Aldous Principal - Small Business Services

Growing up in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, David recalls the way his father, also an accounting professional, was able to forge strong bonds with the members of his community as a respected professional and trusted ally. He saw the rewards of doing a good job, helping neighbors and creating a positive influence. Throughout his career and travels, David has carried these values.

David’s early accounting career brought him west, introducing him to Alberta’s largest cities. Through those years, David gained experience in a broad range of accounting services for a variety of industries. Although he enjoyed the eclectic opportunities inherent in the big city, and credits these experiences as an essential part of his development, David was always drawn back to the smaller community and the simpler lifestyle. In 1996, David found that lifestyle in Red Deer.

A “simpler” lifestyle means different things to different people. On any given day, in addition to his responsibilities as principal of a busy accounting firm, David’s schedule may include participating in school functions and social events with his two daughters, lending a hand to his wife’s successful event planning business, volunteering for a local fundraiser, cooking a family dinner, or setting out on a travel adventure. He balances his desk-job with a range of athletics including golfing and camping and, from October to May, he becomes a walking NHL encyclopedia.

David transitions easily from his professional responsibilities to the charm of rural life and the great outdoors. He counts his affiliation with the Red Deer 4H Horseman Club among his most enjoyable community interests. It is here that David finds the down-to-earth values he learned at an early age and still holds close: community spirit, responsibility and positive leadership.

Through the years, David has provided complete and customized accounting and taxation services, from standard reporting and advisory services to complex planning and reporting engagements. David has now concentrated his practice on small to medium-sized owner-manager businesses, with an emphasis on agricultural, service, oilfield, retail and construction industries. David’s service to the owner-managed business sector enables him to work closely with his clientele to make effective financial decisions and help them meet their business goals.

Strong client relationships and responsible, quality service have always been a priority for David. His positivity and “can-do” brand of energy helps him balance his many responsibilities and provide experienced professional leadership for his clients. Add some invigorating country air, and an NHL game within reach on a mobile device, and David’s perfect day is complete.


Scott N. Cannam CPA, CA

Scott’s high energy and enthusiasm well represents the new face of public accounting.

Along with an inclination toward sports, Scott discovered at an early age that he had a propensity for numbers. As a second generation accountant, it may be hereditary.  Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999 and attained his Master of Professional Accounting degree in 2000. He went on to achieve his Chartered Accountant designation in 2001.

An early dedication to hockey took Scott from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (North Battleford) on to the NCAA, then to University of Saskatchewan, the East Coast Hockey League, the ENIHL in England and the Bentley Generals.

In 2005, Scott developed a passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu, a close-range style of martial arts applying combat techniques to neutralize an opponent’s force and redirect the opponent’s energy. For the past decade, Scott’s schedule has included weekly training in Calgary and local teaching of this discipline.

So how does Scott tame his high-energy tendencies at the office? He recommends variety, breaking up periods of intense cerebral work with meetings and tasks away from his desk. Long technical workshops provide the greatest challenge to Scott’s energy level but he has learned to multitask and make the most of his entrapment; on those occasions, Scott refines his pencil-twirling prowess. Those who have attended a long meeting with Scott will see he has achieved expert status in this unique art.

Scott embraces any opportunity to challenge himself, both in his accounting practice and outside of the office. While his CPA career may seem to be in contrast with his high-energy nature, Scott believes his sports experience taught him many things that serve him well in his daily business life, including discipline, goal-setting, teamwork and an optimistic attitude. His philosophy: Don’t be afraid to aim high because, if you give everything your very best effort, you never need to feel disappointed with the results.

A love of travel and adventure took Scott and his wife to London for three years, where he held a Controllership position in the media industry. This was an exciting and memorable time for them, and an opportunity for Scott to broaden his understanding of world culture and economics. It was also during this time that Scott developed a new appreciation for his home country. In 2009, they left behind the small flat and hour-long commutes to return to Red Deer.   The small city pace, and space, allows Scott the work-life balance and recreation he enjoys.  

Scott joined ProVerus LLP in 2009, and the ProVerus culture provides him the perfect environment to use his accounting experience to help others create their own success.

Scott thrives on the challenge of new goals and successes, but balances his enterprising attitude with a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to life. He realized early that he didn’t need to own the island to appreciate the ocean, and he finds enjoyment in the journey.

Scott has diverse public practice experience, having performed services ranging from large assurance engagements to small engagements for privately-owned enterprises, and he has provided his expertise to both profit and non-profit organizations.  Small and medium-sized businesses are Scott’s preference, as these allow for more contact with management and the opportunity to really make a difference in his client’s operations. Scott takes pride in working side-by-side with his clients and watching them benefit from quality professional accounting, tax and advisory services.

Michael (Mike) J. Goldade CPA, CA

Mike credits his father’s example of dedication and perseverance for his own strong work ethic and “anything’s-possible” attitude.  These values have guided him in both his business practice and his personal life and he always aims to give 110 percent, whether it be for clients, family, or his sports teammates.

Mike proudly calls Red Deer home, and his passion for the Red Deer community extends beyond its natural beauty, diversity and amenities.  The people of his community are a major attraction for Mike, and Red Deer is just the right size to offer a chance meeting with an acquaintance or two on most of his excursions.

After high school, Mike attended the Commerce program at Red Deer College and the University of Alberta, obtaining his degree in 2011.  His ongoing interest in finance and desire to work closely with others led him into the world of public accounting, and he articled with a local firm while continuing his education to become a professional accountant.  In 2014, Mike successfully completed the Uniform Final Exam to obtain his professional designation.

To balance the demands of the CPA profession, Mike enjoys household projects and volunteer activities. 

Renovations have helped to keep Mike busy at home. He didn’t so much look for these projects – most of them found him when he and his wife purchased a fixer-upper home with a few improvements in mind.  Those who have had a similar experience will understand how a simple concept created an adventure in the trades for Mike, as he discovered the extent of the necessary work, completely gutted the house, and created a new interior.  Mike and his wife have since taken their talents to the exterior and multiple landscaping projects, not the least of which is Mike’s holiday display…

Ever the people-person, Mike found he could add light to others’ lives with his seasonal yard display.  As friends, neighbors and passers-by showed increasing appreciation with cards and chocolates – even the occasional Santa letter in his mailbox – Mike’s enthusiasm for his display grew.  His collection now includes 15,000 lights, and he’s promising to control his inner Clark Griswold before the City’s power grid is adversely affected.

Mike is an avid supporter of the Against the Wall Theatre Society, which was started by his sister in 2007 and is best known for Bull Skit Comedy, an improv and sketch comedy show.  The curtain lowered on his acting career after a debut during the first year of Bull Skit.  His audience was amused and entertained, while his friends were diplomatic.  Mike quickly realized he was better suited to using his accounting skills behind the scenes.  He has since been proud to serve 10 years as the organization’s Treasurer, and continues to lend a hand to help with their financial information.

Mike values his relationships with his clients.  His goal is to be not only an accountant, but a trusted business advisor to whom they can go for help with all types of advice.

With his trademark enthusiasm to “keep building”, Mike’s continued education in the area of taxation allows him to provide his clientele with a well-rounded tax plan, as well as advice on how to improve their business and personal situations beyond the numbers.  His valuable combination of education and experience enables him to offer both accounting and operations knowledge that will help lower taxes and reduce operational inefficiencies.  Mike’s clients seek him for quality, affordable service.  They stay with him because they get far more - a genuine guy with integrity, initiative and a desire to help.