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Scott N. Cannam CPA, CA


Scott’s high energy and enthusiasm well represent the new face of public accounting.

Along with an inclination toward sports, Scott discovered at an early age that he had a propensity for numbers. As a second-generation accountant, it may be hereditary.  Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999 and attained his Master of Professional Accounting degree in 2000. He went on to achieve his Chartered Accountant designation in 2001.

An early dedication to hockey took Scott from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (North Battleford) on to the NCAA, then to the University of Saskatchewan, the East Coast Hockey League, the ENIHL in England, and the Bentley Generals.

In 2005, Scott developed a passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu, a close-range style of martial arts applying combat techniques to neutralize an opponent’s force and redirect the opponent’s energy. For the past decade, Scott’s schedule has included weekly training in Calgary and local teaching of this discipline.

So how does Scott tame his high-energy tendencies at the office? He recommends variety, breaking up periods of intense cerebral work with meetings and tasks away from his desk. Long technical workshops provide the greatest challenge to Scott’s energy level but he has learned to multitask and make the most of his entrapment; on those occasions, Scott refines his pencil-twirling prowess. Those who have attended a long meeting with Scott will see he has achieved expert status in this unique art.

Scott embraces any opportunity to challenge himself, both in his accounting practice and outside of the office. While his CPA career may seem to be in contrast with his high-energy nature, Scott believes his sports experience taught him many things that serve him well in his daily business life, including discipline, goal-setting, teamwork and an optimistic attitude. His philosophy: Don’t be afraid to aim high because, if you give everything your very best effort, you never need to feel disappointed with the results.

A love of travel and adventure took Scott and his wife to London for three years, where he held a Controllership position in the media industry. This was an exciting and memorable time for them, and an opportunity for Scott to broaden his understanding of world culture and economics. It was also during this time that Scott developed a new appreciation for his home country. In 2009, they left behind the small flat and hour-long commutes to return to Red Deer.   The small city pace, and space, allow Scott the work-life balance and recreation he enjoys.  

Scott joined ProVerus LLP in 2009, and the ProVerus culture provides him the perfect environment to use his accounting experience to help others create their own success.

Scott thrives on the challenge of new goals and successes but balances his enterprising attitude with a down-to-earth, common-sense approach to life. He realized early that he didn’t need to own the island to appreciate the ocean, and he finds enjoyment in the journey.

Scott has diverse public practice experience, having performed services ranging from large assurance engagements to small engagements for privately-owned enterprises, and he has provided his expertise to both profit and non-profit organizations.  Small and medium-sized businesses are Scott’s preference, as these allow for more contact with management and the opportunity to really make a difference in his client’s operations. Scott takes pride in working side-by-side with his clients and watching them benefit from quality professional accounting, tax, and advisory services.

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